We help design products and services that reflect an understanding of the people using them

The Partners

First Chair Partners is a design collective of senior practitioners, working collaboratively to tackle the most difficult design challenges in the world.

Justin Davis

Justin is a seasoned user experience and interaction designer, with deep expertise in designing products and services to deliver remarkable experiences.

Lynne Polischuik

Lynne is one of North America's most sought after design researchers and testing experts specializing in product analytics, data visualization, experience strategy, digital behaviors, user research, and interaction design.

Matthew Grocki

As head strategist, Matthew focuses on simplifying complicated digital environments, demystifying gnarly content landscapes, and navigating the politics of organizational change.

What We Do


Too many experiences are built without research, leaving audiences disengaged and disappointed. We insist our project start with foundational research that matches audience expectations with our client's ideas. Our research validates decision making, hastens execution, saves time, and reduces duplicated effort.


Our strategic services drive the organizational change needed for our clients to stay ahead of their competitors and exceed the needs of the audiences they serve. For over 15 years we have provided marketing, digital, content, and product strategies that blend proven methodologies with today’s best business practices.


Information can either be a wedge to engage your audience or a barrier to accomplish their online goals. We work directly with our clients to help sift through their content ecosystem offering a realistic approach to tame their content and provide the most relevant information for their audiences.


The wrong design can alienate audiences and distract them from the information they need. Our design methodology pools over 30 years of digital and interaction knowledge to create products, apps, and digital experiences that balance audience needs with your organization’s goals.

Who We Work With

We work with serious teams who want to make an impact on the world with their products and services. Some of the people we've worked with in the past include:

First Chair has this uncanny ability to convert abstract visions into tangible, usable, and amazing user experiences. They're truly partners."
- John Tesmer, APQC

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